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Commercial Phone Systems in Milwaukee, WI

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Wisconsin VoIP Services

N27W23953 Paul Road # 104 Pewaukee, WI 53072-6243 , USA. 262-649-1097 wisconsin@accuvoip.net 

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545 Delaney Ave #9 Orlando, Florida 32801 USA. 407-641-0578 florida@accuvoip.net

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business phone in Milwaukee Wisconsin
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business phone providers in Milwaukee Wisconsin
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highest customer retention rate of 99.6% of any provider

30 Day Money Back Guaranteecommercial phone system in Milwaukee
  • If you are not 100% satisfied we will give you your money back
  • Star2Star has the highest customer retention rate of 99.6% of any provider. Let us
    prove to you how we put customers first!
99.999% Guaranteed Reliability
  • Disaster Recovery built in
  •  Automatic backup and fail over
     Analog line backup
     6 redundant points of presence
     Redundant phone carriers
     Redundant Internet connections
  • 24/7/365 proactive support
  • Next day parts replacement
  • 200% money back SLA for downtime that exceeds our 59's of service guarantee

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  • Next day replacement parts for any reason except abuse, including Acts of God
  • 24 hour support
  • Free automatic software and firmware updates on all equipment
StarWatch Continuous Monitoring 
  • Monitors the status of a customer location proactively every five minutes
  • If the location is unreachable for two consecutive polling cycles due to power /Internet outage, etc., a StarWatch Critical Alert is sent to you and AccuVoIP Services to help you. These automatic alerts are triggered whenever a customer goes offline for more than a few minutes
  • When the location becomes reachable again (power/Internet restored) a StarWatch Info Alert - that states your StarBox Registration Restored - is distributed as well, so you always know the status of your system
  • We pro actively monitor your systems so you can always be assured your communications will never be compromised
StarPath End-to-End Quality Advantages
  • Compression with G.729a means 3X more calls and GREAT sounding voice
  • Internet routing control from both ends (optimized routing)
  • Quality of Service (QOS) priority for voice from end-to-end
  • Traffic shaping end-to-end
  • Quality weighted BGP routing end-to-end
  • The entire call path is monitored end-to-end 24/7/365
  • Star call quality testing every hour
Highest Customer Satisfaction Ratings D-UN-S

Dunn & Bradstreet independent survey on customer satisfaction gave Star2Star Communications a overall score of over 92% for customer satisfaction across 9 different areas including cost, order accuracy, personnel, delivery, quality, support, responsiveness, business relations, and reliability. Contact us for business VoIP service in Milwaukee.



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Nationwide Coverage

If your business has or can obtain a broadband Internet connection, you can get the best small business phone systems in Milwaukee Wisconsin service - anywhere in North America. In fact, the best small business phone system in Milwaukee Wisconsin is the only carrier in North America that can provide service to every US and Canadian address that has access to quality Broadband.
Together with our Certified Installers we have over 3,000 qualified technicians who are 50 minutes away from 98% of the US and Canadian Population. This means we can offer our customers U.S. and Canadian nationwide installation and support with no cost next day part replacement.

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Our national coverage makes us an excellent choice for companies with multiple business locations. For example, we are currently supplying over 9,000 the best small business phone systems in Milwaukee Wisconsin systems to a national retail store chain. Before the installation, each store had at least one phone line. Using the best small business phone systems in Milwaukee Wisconsin's line pooling feature, the company can keep the existing phone numbers for each store, while reducing the number of total phone lines by nearly two-thirds. Switching to The best small business phone systems in Milwaukee Wisconsin will save them literally millions of dollars per year while providing better phone service than they had before the switch.
Our impressive list of national customers includes retail chains, fast food and casual dining restaurant chains, national moving companies, and international airlines. But we also serve thousands of smaller businesses with one or two locations. Regardless of the size or location of your business, you'll receive the same excellent features, quality, reliability, and savings as our largest customers

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