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A full-featured Softphone for Mobile Devices:

SIP calls over Wi Fi or 3/4G
- No Cell Minutes
Presence Management
Favorites List
Access to Contacts List
Voicemail Retrieval
Transfer calls – even across locations


business communications manager in MilwaukeeCloud Based Hold Music & Voice Prompts

Upload or record your own digital music and messages to customize the caller experience
Use any .MP3 or .WAV files for music on hold, system prompts and queue messages
Easily change anytime via the portal


Cloud Based Conferencing Cloud Based Conferencing

Callers dial a reserved extension or special DID
Conferences can be password protected
Conference bridge plays a customized message or music before start
Organizer can monitor users online

Cloud Based Call Center Cloud Based Call Center                       Mutual Success with Large Pizza Franchisee
Call Center and Branch Locations act as one
Multi-location Skills Based Routing
Whisper, Monitor, Barge and Recording

voicemail-emailCloud Based Voice Mail to Email

Messaging all in one place
One framework for activities
Listen to only the part you want
Keep them organized
Save it forever and search for it in the future
Forward it on to someone else

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"The quality of service was a big concern to us because of a negative experience we had with a consumer grade VoIP provider. Without compromising voice quality or reliability, with Star2Star we get the big savings of VoIP and huge productivity gains thanks to the virtual phone system between offices."
Rich Swier, CEO
-- Highwall Technologies.

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voip software, Unified Communications applications

The Star2Star Application Framework

Try out our business communications manager software in Milwaukee, WI. The Star2Star Application Framework is a powerful, robust application platform. It provides fast, efficient distribution of cloud-based software and data. The framework allows Star2Star to deliver application software - and the application's associated data - to any PC or Mac, anywhere there's an Internet connection. Contact us for business internet phone service in Milwaukee.

So, for example, if you sign in to the framework from your office PC, all of your Star2Star applications are instantly available. If you're working on your Mac at home for the day, those same applications and data are waiting for you when you sign in. Wireless LAN at the airport? Check.


There are currently three applications (called Starlets) that run in the Star2Star Application Framework, with more on the way:

  • StarScope 2 - Star2Star's exclusive Integrated Communications tool
  • Messages (included with StarScope 2) - Point-and-click access to your voicemail, recorded calls, and incoming faxes
  • StarFax Personal - Full featured, cloud-based faxing with your own personal fax number

The modular design of the Application Framework makes it possible for us to deliver new and exciting features to your Star2Star system -- like the ones below.

StarScope 2: The Center of your Communications Universe

StarScope 2 is a next-generation Integrated Communications and Collaboration tool that allows users to monitor and control all of their communications - including presence, voice, chat, email, and voicemail - from a single, intuitive interface. It operates across multiple locations, even across the country.


StarScope 2 combines several key functions in one package, including:

  • Presence monitoring and management
  • Integrated company-wide directory
  • Favorites and Recently-Called lists
  • Call control with drag-and-drop call transfer / park / retrieve
  • Multi-party IM Chat client
  • Conference Room monitor (requires admin permission)
  • Voicemail playback
  • View incoming faxes (requires StarFax Personal, below)
  • Recorded call playback
  • Incoming call pop-up message

StarScope 2 includes the Star2Star Messages Starlet, which provides a unified view of your messages, including voicemail, faxes, and recorded calls.

The Messages Starlet saves a record of every incoming, outgoing, and missed call. The direction and type of call (voice or fax) is indicated by the icon in the left most column.


Stored voicemail messages are indicated with a blue "tape" icon in the left column. recorded calls are indicated by the red "recording"icon, and faxes by the gray fax machine icon in the right column.

StarScope 2 is easy to install and administer, requires very little training, and is exceptionally easy to understand and use


StarFax Personal: Fax for today’s business world

QStarFax Personal from Star2Star Communications adds reliable, high-quality, cloud-based desktop faxing to your Star2Star system. StarFax Personal users can send and receive faxes to and from their desktop or laptop computers, without making a printed copy, and with no physical fax machine.

StarFax Personal is the modern, environmentally friendly way to incorporate fax in your business workflow, without paper, ink, or space- and power-hogging fax machines.

Each StarFax Personal user is assigned a unique, personal fax number for incoming faxes. When a fax is sent to that number, the fax is received by the Star2Star system and stored “in the cloud” at a Star2Star data center.


Incoming faxes are stored as PDF files and can be viewed within the StarFax starlet or using a PDF viewer. Received faxes are stored as PDF files, and a list of faxes is displayed in the StarFax Personal inbox.

Incoming faxes pass through an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program, so all received faxes are fully searchable.

StarFax Personal users can send virtually any type of printable file (.doc, pdf, jpg, etc.) directly from the StarFax Personal software, without printing a hard copy and with no physical fax machine. Laptop users can send and receive faxes anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

StarVideo: Real-Time Videoconferencing for up to 12 Users

StarVideo is Star2Star's easy to use, on-demand videoconferencing application for up to 12 users. The voice portion of StarVideo operates over Star2Star’s award winning Constellation voice infrastructure, which assures clear, crisp audio for all participants.


Users without access to a video camera or computer system can still participate in conferences by dialing into the audio portion of the conference from any phone.

StarVideo is delivered as a Starlet application in the Star2Star Application Framework, the same technology behind the StarScope 2 presence management and StarFax Personal fax solutions. Starlets are delivered seamlessly to users with no installation and no administrative overhead.

StarChat: Fast, Easy Text Chat

In today’s always-on, always-connected world, many users prefer text chat to traditional telephone conversation. Text chat provides the same high level of interactivity as a telephone conversation, without the time constraints imposed by a phone call.


With Star2Star’s StarChat application, users can easily participate in a 1 on 1 or multi-party text chat. Group conversations make it simple to contact people you need to chat with often, and conduct written conversations in real time.



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  • VOIP Phone Service with NATIONWIDE COVERAGE  

    If your business has or can obtain a broadband Internet connection, you can get Star2Star service - anywhere in North America. In fact, Star2Star is the only carrier in North America that can provide service to every US and Canadian address that has access to quality Broadband.

    Together with our Certified Dealers and Installers we have over 3,000 qualified technicians who are 50 minutes away from 98% of the US and Canadian Population. This means we can offer our customers U.S. and Canadian nationwide installation and support with no cost next day part replacement.

    Our national coverage makes us an excellent choice for companies with multiple business locations. For example, we are currently supplying over 9,000 Star2Star systems to a national retail store chain. Before the installation, each store had at least one phone line. Using Star2Star's line pooling feature, the company can keep the existing phone numbers for each store, while reducing the number of total phone lines by nearly two-thirds. Switching to Star2Star will save them literally millions of dollars per year while providing better phone service than they had before the switch.

    Our impressive list of national customers includes retail chains, fast food and casual dining restaurant chains, national moving companies, and international airlines. But we also serve thousands of smaller businesses with one or two locations. Regardless of the size or location of your business, you'll receive the same excellent features, quality, reliability, and savings as our largest customers. more

  • Hosted VoIP PBX Over the Internet

    voip_flawedQuality can suffer with more than 3 phones, Dropped calls without premise-based QoS, Often requires expensive dedicated circuit, Internal intercom calls are switched over the Internet, Wastes two talk paths of bandwidth, Expensive per-seat pricing and circuit costs, Costs more over time than traditional phone service. more

  • Exponential Growth Over 6 Years

    voip_growthThe fastest growing pure IP/Telephony provider,Most large distributors of phone equipment in the US have switched to Star2Star.
    Star2Star continues to several of the largest national accounts.
    Star2Star is adding hundreds of new customer locations every week and now has over 100,000 happy users. Star2Star is profitable, has no long term debt and has been cash-flow positive since 2008. more

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