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What Every Business Needs to Know When Selecting a Phone System

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a multipurpose technology used in the management of voice and data operations. VoIP transmits voice and data communications (including telephone service, email, faxing, and video conferencing) across a single Internet connection. With VoIP, this one network connection can handle multiple telephone calls (both incoming and outgoing), as well as data applications and other communication files and programs. Its ease of use and set up reduces costly telephony maintenance (often eliminating the need for outdated equipment), and the simplicity of its operation and generally low service fees have made it popular, particularly with small business owners.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Business Phone System

  • Assuming the Domestic Service Provider has the Answer
  • Equating the Lowest Fee with the Best Deal
  • Not Paying Sufficient Heed to Caller Experience Issues
  • Relying on Guesswork
  • Overlooking your Distinctive Business Needs

“Being a non-profit that is dependent on the offerings of our parishioners, we realized that we needed to be very cost conscious.”
Billhorn Converters LogoDale Jonasson, Director of Information Services, Diocese of San Bernardino

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Digital Phone System in Milwaukee

Many people think that changing phone systems is a major, disruptive project that takes weeks of planning, lots of money, and a good bit of luck. We're business people, too. We know how important it is to get your system installed quickly, with little or no impact on your business operations during the installation process. Let us handle installing your digital phone system in Milwaukee.

AccuVoIP Services is different than other Internet telephone companies, and that difference extends to our sales channel and installation process. Here's a quick overview of how it works:

  • Locate and meet with your local AccuVoIP Service Sales Associate. Your salesman will review your current phone system and telephone bill and make a recommendation based on your particular business needs. You will receive an accurate quote that details how much your new system will cost, and it will also show how much money you'll save with Star2Star.
  • Once the financial details (lease vs. purchase, etc.) are worked out, we will pre-configure your system and ship it to your dealer. We will also begin the process of moving your old telephone numbers over to the Star2Star network.
  • AccuVoIP will install your new StarStar system alongside your existing telephone system. The system arrives pre-configured, so installation often takes much less time than similar systems
  • You can use the new system to place and receive calls. Incoming calls will continue to come into the old system until all of the phone numbers have been moved to Star2Star. Once the number migration is complete, your dealer will remove your old phone system.


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With a revolutionary platform and brilliant people, it’s no surprise that AccuVoIP Services is growing so fast! Don’t take our word for it, here are a few of our stars who have described what it’s like to work here. more

Bryan in Sales Administration:

"I love that everyone here truly has the ability to make an impact." more

Jessica Priston in Marketing:

"AccuVoIP Services enables me to do what I like to do most - build positive relationships with customers, employees and partners" more

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