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The demand for affordable, feature-rich Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems will continue to increase as businesses look to streamline communications, improve collaboration, and support mobility. Best internet phone service meets this need by providing cost-effective Voice services that deliver collaboration and mobility features that traditional phone services cannot match.

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Business VoIP solutions offers nationwide solutions for single-site and multi-site businesses. Our flexible Voice services support advanced calling features including Find Me/Follow Me, Visual Voicemail, and Hosted Voice Mobile. Business VoIP solutions Hosted Voice delivers the benefits of VoIP while eliminating the costs of managing and maintaining a PBX. With SIP Trunking and Enterprise Trunking, you enjoy the benefits of VoIP while leveraging your existing PBX equipment.

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Business Phone Solutions

End-to-End Reliability.

What would happen to your business if your phone system was out for an hour? A day? A week? Partnering with AccuVoIP Services, you'll never have to find out. Every business VoIP Phone solution system automatically monitors itself and reports potential problems to our support center. These problems may be as simple as an unplugged phone or as serious as a power outage or lightning strike.smart voip
Our exclusive automatic backup and failover protection features make sure that your business will always be able to receive incoming calls, even if your business loses power or Internet connectivity.

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"Until we discovered Star2Star we couldn't find a service provider that offered personalized 24-hour monitoring of our business phone system. Within a few months of using the Star2Star Phone System lightning struck our building and we got to see firsthand that Star2Star can deliver on what they promise. The monitoring response team arrived quickly and the disaster recovery plan activated without a hitch so we still had a working phone system.voip-support-team

Our failover plan was to reroute inbound calls through the fax line by forwarding our number and have the phone system automatically reroute outbound calls. On the other side, my traditional carrier for Internet access took days to restore my Internet connection. A business communication system is obviously a crucial factor to any company and with Star2Star we are completely confident that our phone system will be working even when disaster strikes."

M. Jane DiGirolomo, Regional Manager
-- Mango Bay Management, LLC

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Your Wisconsin VoIP Reseller Solution


Brilliantly simple VoIP, PBX and mobile solutions tailored to your phone system needs.

Whether you need just the basics for a single location, or a multi-office and contact center solution with application integration, AccuVoIP Services has the technology and expertise to provide business VoIP phone service in Milwaukee you will love.

Our Hybrid VoIP Phone System's Blended Architecture puts resources where they make the most sense.

Our complete solution includes all of the on-premise equipment, including the StarBox PBX, Star2Star Special Edition telephones, a Star2Star-certified Ethernet switch, and a backup power supply. In many cases, your Star2Star telephone system utilize the same CAT5 wiring that you already have in place for your computer network. This "single cable" installation simplifies wiring and saves money. We use VLAN technology to keep voice and data separated on two different "Virtual LANs" that share the same physical wiring.

The diagram below shows the essential components of a typical Hybrid VoIP Phone System phone system:

The Hybrid VoIP Telephone System solution places services in the cloud when it makes sense to do so, but the most important part of the system - the part that routes calls and handles the voice traffic - remains on the customer premise. This on-premise component is the key that allows Hybrid VoIP Telephone System to provide full-featured telephone service with "best in class" reliability and call quality.

AccuVoIP Services Hybrid VoIP Telephone Systems are only sold as a complete solution, and they are always installed by our factory-certified installers. When you order a Hybrid VoIP Telephone System, you can be sure that all of the pieces will work together seamlessly. No finger pointing when trouble arises.

All Hybrid VoIP Telephone System systems are pre-configured at Hybrid VoIP Telephone System headquarters before they are shipped to the installing dealer. The reduces installation time and eliminates configuration errors. Once the system is installed, your dealer or a designated system administrator can make configuration changes using the web-based administration console.

  • Integrated monitoring and remote management
  • All Solid State, low power consumption (as low as 6W)
  • Long life, high reliability
  • Pro-Active 24 / 7 / 365 monitoring
  • Ability to manage multiple locations from a single screen
  • Flexible networking configuration with dual WAN ports for Automatic WAN failover
  • Edge traffic shaping
  • Managed Ethernet switches

Expand Horizons with AccuVoIP

If you feel that your Milwaukee based business is paying too much for phone service or you feel that you are not getting all of the features that you need from a traditional phone company, then it is time for you to learn about the wonderful world of Voice of Internet Protocol phone service. VoIP gives you advanced features at a fraction of the price of traditional providers. The service also offers you crystal clear calling options that will make any senior executive happy. The option of a broadband phone in Milwaukee is attractive due to the nature of business in the area. With many meetings and important clients originating out of state, it is important to get long distance options that are budget friendly. AccuVoIP's VoIP phone service in Milwaukee is a slam dunk for modern business.

Desktop IP phones offer businesses many options when it comes to their phone needs. In addition to easy-to-use and ergonomically friendly headsets and units, the power of VoIP also allows companies to tether devices for employees who are frequently on the road. By tying a broadband phone in Milwaukee to AccuVoIP's server, workers can access voicemail, emails or other important documents anywhere in the country as long as they have Wi-Fi or 3G access. This is an extremely convenient option for Milwaukee businesses that are on the go, and it is one of the reasons why many of the area's top firms have turned to VoIP phone service in Milwaukee.

VoIP systems rely on Internet broadband to stream calls throughout the country, and these systems are extremely reliable and convenient for businesses of all sizes. No matter your sector, AccuVoIP can offer you quality broadband phone in Milwaukee. To save money and increase your company's performance, consider AccuVoIP's VoIP phone service in Milwaukee that offers free teleconferencing capabilities, unlimited voicemail that forwards to email, low long distance and international rates, and other great features. VoIP is the phone service of the future, and it will not cost you a fortune to setup infrastructure that is required to support your company's telecommunications' network.

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  • StarBox Voice Appliances

    Our telecom business phone systems provide the world's most reliable business communications solution. We designed and built our system and service together to provide a revolutionary set of features with unmatched quality and reliability. All Star2Star systems include a StarBox, our super-reliable, solid-state, on-premise Voice Appliance. The StarBox provides all the features of an IP PBX system as well as vital traffic-shaping and quality monitoring and management functions. The StarBox connects over the Internet to one of our 7 data centers, where we manage and monitor the quality of your phone system. We monitor the status of each StarBox, around the clock. Our continuous monitoring allows us to guarantee 99.999% reliability while providing dramatic savings over traditional systems. more

  • Star2Star Managed Ethernet Switches

    We can supply a variety of Managed Ethernet switches specifically tested and certified to operate with the Star2Star system.

    Most switches include Power over Ethernet (PoE), which allows the switch to deliver power over the network connection cable. This eliminates the need for separate power adapters at each phone location.

    The best VoIP phone system's Ethernet Switches are available in a variety of sizes and in both 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet connection speeds. more


    A quick look at the new Polycom VVX 300, VVX 310, VVX 400, VVX 410, VVX 500, and VVX 600 telephones. VoIP solution Milwaukee WI, Call Center (ACD) solutions Milwaukee WI. more



    voip discountCloud based conferencing. So, now you've got people at each location who are conferencing together on the local PBX, but that all conferences in a conference server in our data center, which can handle thousands of simultaneous calls. So now all these people that are on the outside call the data center and that's really where the conference call, the bridge call, is being held. voip discount. We bring all that together, keep it in the cloud so you don‘t need thousands of phone lines at your office, we have thousands of phone lines in our data center or enough bandwidth to handle thousands of people,and then that becomes a place where you can have any size conference call at any time and actually doesn't even cost anything until you achieve the number of lines that you've already purchased from us in the pooling and bursting model. It's free conferencing and it is conferencing that lives in the cloud. It's a lot better.. more

  • On Premise PBX is Problematic

    voip rates3rd Party SIP trunks with a PBX from another vendor is a recipe for a finger-pointing disaster
    Many PBX vendors will steer their customers away from VoIP for this reason
    The “end to end” requirements for a quality VoIP call are not always there in this scenario
    . more


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