Business Phone Systems in Milwaukee, WI

The Smart VoIP Choice

Wisconsin’s Best VoIP Phone Service Reviews and Comparisons Guide

  • End-to-End Integrated Solution from a single vendor
  • Blended Architecture™
  • Find-Me/Follow-Me Call Forwarding
  • Best-In-Class VoIP Multi-location Operation
  • Quality sound over standard Internet connections
  • Unlimited Conference Calling
  • Multi-Layer Automated Attendant
  • Extension User Rights
  • Unlimited Free Voice Mail
  • Web Based User Administration

business phone systems in Milwaukee

  • Paging and Group Paging
  • Voice Mail Groups
  • Line Pooling Between Locations
  • Line Bursting
  • Reduced TCO
  • Ring Groups Work Across Locations
  • Keep Your Old Telephone Numbers
  • Flexible Call Routing
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Parking, Intercom and Paging
  • Voicemail to Email / Unified Messaging
  • End-to-End QoS Management

smart voip

  • Quiet, Low-Power, Reliable Operation
  • Low International Rates
  • Time Based Call Routing
  • Analog Device Support
  • Customized On-Hold Music & Messages
  • Soft Phone Extensions
  • Home Office Extensions
  • Microsoft Outlook® Integration

voip discount

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Reliable Service, 24/7 Monitoring Our StarWatch technology makes sure everything is working perfectly, all the time.
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"The Star2Star complete end-to-end phone system has powerful features that help us do business better. From the easy installation process that just took a few hours to the actual daily usage of the phone system, we have found that Star2Star consistently delivers on their promise to provide next generation capabilities and reliable connections at unprecedented savings."
More Space Place LogoPat Doyle, CEO and Owner
-- The More Space Place

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 Your Low Rate VoIP Discount

America's Cheapest VoIP Phone Service and Savings  

Interested in business phone systems in Milwaukee, WI? Accuvoip Services offers a complete Unified Communications Solution made in the United States and supported by Star2Star Communications and Accuvoip Services. Accuvoip Services has locations in Pewaukee Wisconsin and Orlando Florida and certified technicians throughout North America. We will not send you a system in a box for you to install and hope it works. We will come to your business and install our system, train your employees on accessing the tools we offer to increase their productivity, and offer 24x7x365 support to ensure you are always able to communicate with your customers. Lastly you will enjoy the 50 – 85% savings on your monthly voice plan. Sound too good to be true? Call us at 262-649-1097 to find out how you can save on business phone systems in Milwaukee.

 Our customers save money in several ways:

  • Decreased monthly expense with minimal cash outlay
  • Pool phone lines across multiple locations to save money
  • Call bursting makes sure callers never get a busy signal
  • Incredibly low long distance rates
  • Competitive toll free and international rates
  • Free VoIP Unlimited Voice Mail that forwards to email
  • Free VoIP conferencing capabilities
  • Free VoIP interoffice calls
  • Low International Rates (click here for sample rates)

smart voip

Even if your current phone system is still working, you can switch to a business low rate VoIP telephone and realize positive cash flow from the very first month! Even better, by financing the equipment upgrade, you can usually save money, even after you factor in the cost of the lease payments. The VoIP discount is considerable.

Most of our competitors' products are designed to be more expensive than traditional telephone service. This is due in large part to their having to pay license fees and royalties that allow them to use other companies' technology. At AccuVoIP Services, we own our superior technology and we don't have to pay anyone to use it. The result: You get better phone service with better features at a better price. Low Rate VoIP solutions available. voip wisconsin

If your business has multiple locations, you'll save even more money thanks to a unique business voip telephone feature called line pooling.

In the telephone world, a "line" is a circuit that is delivered to a customer. The circuits connect a customer's PBX system to a telephone company switch. If a customer will potentially need to handle 100 calls at any given time, then they'll need 100 circuits.

Business VoIP system "lines" are virtual circuits between a client's PBX and our call center. With business voip service, clients order as many lines as they expect to need on a peak basis - for all of their business locations, combined. If your needs exceed the number of lines, we'll add extra circuits "on the fly" to handle seasonal or unexpected traffic increases.

calling_girlsFor example, a large national retail chain recently converted to business voip service. They have nearly 10,000 stores, and each store had a phone line. After the switch, they have 3,000 business voip service lines. We ported over all of their phone numbers, so each store retained its existing local number for incoming calls. Their savings? In the millions of dollars per year. And they now have a far better, more integrated phone system than before.

Exact system pricing is complicated and depends on a wide range of variables. Fortunately, AccuVoIP Services has access to an online quote calculator, which allows us to provide you with an accurate quote based on a brief on-site interview. The first thing your salesman will need is your existing phone bill. So dig out the bill, call your local dealer, and take a long look at your phone bill - it might be the last one you ever see.

For a real-world example of business telephone service outstanding savings, read this case study to learn how the Diocese of San Bernardino saves thousands of dollars each month with business telephone voip service system.

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AccuVoIP Services delivers the latest in reliable VoIP technology for all of your
business phone service needs - starting at just $9.99/month.

Why VoIP Vendor Selection Matters More Than Ever in the Cloud

cloud_servicesFor most businesses, making the switch from a traditional, premise-based, PBX phone system to a vendor managed, cloud VoIP solution is a sound business move that will bring a host of benefits. However, because the vendor will, by nature of the way managed applications are deployed, become a key partner, it is more important than ever that businesses correctly identify the solution that best suits their needs during the VoIP vendor selection process.

Work with One VoIP Partner Instead of Herding Cats

dog_at_deskMost traditional PBX deployments involve multiple relationships with multiple vendors that all must be managed by someone in your organization. There is likely a distributor who sold and perhaps services the PBX. There is, of course also the on-prem PBX manufacturer of the software and hardware, and the telecom operator (such as Verizon, Time Warner Cable Business Class or AT&T) or competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs such as XO). Furthermore, the carriers or other operators may outsource their service contracts to additional local providers.
The upside of this arrangement is that, in most cases, the selection of the actual phone system manufacturer is not critical to success. The PBX system arrives with all of the features it is going to have and will generally perform as expected. Of course, the downside is that is something does go wrong or you need the system to adapt to your changing business; there is a lot of opportunity for finger pointing and making mistakes because there are so many parties involved. It can be difficult to determine which of the vendors is responsible for resolving an issue. Furthermore, that burden falls on you and your staff to coordinate the different vendors to implement the solution.

Choose a Partner, not Just a Cheap Vendor

When you choose a cloud-based, managed VoIP solution, the paradigm is changed. Now one VoIP vendor is supplying the entire solution and acting as your company’s communications IT department. This is beneficial because your internal resources become free to focus on more strategic initiatives, you have one vendor to call for help and one invoice. Of course, this can quickly become a negative if you’ve chosen the wrong vendor. In other words, if you are going to put all of your eggs in one basket, get a good basket.
Because of the growing acceptance of cloud computing and the high demand for cloud phone solutions, the list of providers continues to change as new companies join the market and others are acquired by larger firms. This makes it critical that businesses make a very careful vendor selection. In addition to choosing a vendor with great references, it is important to select one with a significant track record, a strong management team and an excellent customer support organization.
We also believe it is important that the cloud based VoIP vendor accept 100% responsibility for the technology and service that it provides to its customers. That is why we developed our own cloud-based call routing and management platform rather than white-label some other provider’s soft switch technology as many other hosted providers do. AccuVoIP Services invests in our own research and development based on our connection with our customers. We custom-design features, services and application integration faster and at a lower cost than other providers who often wait until there is enough demand to justify the initiative and then write custom middleware to support it. We are more responsive to our customer needs so they can be more successful.
We understand the significance of selecting a reliable VoIP vendor and encourage our clients to learn as much about the vendors they consider as possible candidates. We are transparent about our record for reliability and customer satisfaction and encourage companies to be very wary of vendors that are not. We continually strive to be the most innovative, dependable VoIP provider in the marketplace. As you continue to do more research, feel free to reach out for a personal demo of our phone system.

Changing over to Wisconsin’s best VoIP telephone service is easy

Many people think that changing phone systems is a major, disruptive project that takes weeks of planning, lots of money, and a good bit of luck. We're business people, too. We know how important it is to get your system installed quickly, with little or no impact on your business operations during the installation process.

AccuVoIP Services is different than other Internet telephone companies, and that difference extends to our sales channel and installation process. Here's a quick overview of how it works:

  • Locate and meet with your local AccuVoIP Service Sales Associate. Your salesman will review your current phone system and telephone bill and make a recommendation based on your particular business needs. You will receive an accurate quote that details how much your new system will cost, and it will also show how much money you'll save with Star2Star. more

  • Once the financial details (lease vs. purchase, etc.) are worked out, we will pre-configure your system and ship it to your dealer. We will also begin the process of moving your old telephone numbers over to the Star2Star network. more

  • AccuVoIP will install your new StarStar system alongside your existing telephone system. The system arrives pre-configured, so installation often takes much less time than similar systems. more

  • You can use the new system to place and receive calls. Incoming calls will continue to come into the old system until all of the phone numbers have been moved to Star2Star. Once the number migration is complete, your dealer will remove your old phone system. more

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